ALl together now –

let's finish the kid's space!

As we are nearing the final stages of constructing our new church home, we need your help to put the finishing touches on our new Kid’s Crew area!

Our new Kids' Area (almost 6,500 square feet) is going to be one of our most vital ministries in welcoming new families from our community into the church. We believe God wants this space to be creative, inspiring, and welcoming for new and existing families. We have so many big plans for kids and families in the upcoming months, and we are ready to raise the final funds to cover equipping this space.

Before you jump in, we invite you to watch the video below featuring our Senior Pastor David and Associate Pastor Dave as they lay out the vision God has given us for this inspired space and invite you to partner in making it a reality!


So, how can you help? We’re glad you asked!

We are currently needing partnership in these 3 areas and we challenge you to pick at least one that best fits you and your family's situation!

Here’s how you can partner with us:

1. Partner Prayerfully – We know we cannot accomplish anything without the Lord’s hand being in it, so we first ask that you commit to becoming a prayer partner as we work to create this new space.

We ask that you pray specifically for the construction crew that will be building the space, that things will go smoothly, without injury or delay.

Also, pray for the future families and children that will be impacted by the space, praying that our children’s ministry will be able to reach new families, spreading the word of the gospel even further into our community.

Finally, pray for our future volunteers and staff, that they would be energized and excited to serve in this new space and that the Lord would reveal ways for you and your family to be a part of this ministry.

2. Partner Socially – Our local community is so important to us and we want to ensure that nearly everyone knows about this new, upcoming space on Main Street! That’s why we are asking for social support through your own conversations and personal social media channels to spread the word like wildfire throughout our town.

To accomplish this, we have a handful of prepared, shareable graphics that we invite you to post in your own feed! Find those graphics below.

Another hugely helpful part of spreading the word is through sharing and reposting content on our social media channels. While it sounds so simple in practice, we’d love to echo our church’s message and words through your network and community. We want all our members to be a part of this big move in our church!

3. Partner Financially – The biggest need we have with this project is a financial one–we need to raise roughly $50,000 to bring us across that finish line. While the number is surely big and sounds intimidating, we are trusting and praying that the Lord will bring in the funds without issue.

There is no donation too small for the Lord to use, so we ask that you would consider partnering with us in any amount. We are expecting that our God will supply to meet this need and we are so glad that we have an opportunity to join together in this endeavor!

To donate to the campaign, please click the link below and select See. Hear. Do. Campaign - Kid's Space. All donations are tax deductible.

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