Church-Wide – Slovakia MISSION TRIP

Slovakia Mission trip is the longest running missions partnerships  at Christ Community Church. Over the years we have formed a wonderful relationship with the people and Baptist Church in Slovakia. Each summer our team partners with the Baptist Church of Slovakia and we have a vacation bible school and English camp. 

Growing Success

This past year (2018) we had over 100 children attend camp!  Each year we have more interest in camp, more opportunities to build relationships in the community in Panicke Dravce and we get to show the love of CHRIST. This camp brings Jesus Christ into a community that is void of the joy and hope of Jesus. We are given a gateway to minister to children (local and in the orphanage), adults and everyone in the community!

How we can help

We help provide resources, teachers, vbs material, supplies and worship. Our mission has lots of opportunities to serve. We have crafts, outdoor recreation, teaching (English & Bible), worship, acting or group leaders. Whatever your gifting, we can find a spot for you!

Upcoming Trip Details

Who: Adults / Youth Over 16 / Children Under 16 with a Parent

Dates: July 22 - July 26

Cost Range - $1,000 - $1,300