OUr staff

  • David Teague   

    Senior Pastor

    My name is David Teague, and my role is serving as the Senior Pastor. I’ve had the privilege of serving in different ministry roles since 2000, and I’ve served as Senior Pastor at Christ Community Church since July, 2006. One of the things I love most in ministry is teaching God’s Word. Whether in a worship service or one-on-one in counseling, one of my greatest joys is to teach God’s Word in a way the Holy Spirit uses to transform someone’s life. My lovely wife Katie and I have been married since 2002. The Lord has blessed us with five daughters, four here with us and one in heaven. In addition to making people laugh, I can probably quote endless movie lines from any Jim Carey (when he made funny movies) or Chris Farley flick. I’d love to connect with you to get to know you better. 

    Contact: davidt@cccmooresville.com

  • Dave gaeta  

    Associate Pastor

    I was born and raised in California to parents that were both pastors. But it wasn't until in my teens that I experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ. I have been in full time ministry for about 17 years, and what most excites me is finding ways that I can bring growth and maturity to the body of Christ. My most proud earthly accomplishments in life are getting married to my beautiful, godly and intelligent wife, Anna and being the father of five beautiful and intelligent, Christ-following girls: Emma, Noe, Maia, Isa and Romey.

    Contact: daveg@cccmooresville.com

  • Michael Bingham   

    Worship Pastor

    Hi! I am Michael the Worship Pastor. I have been on staff at CCC since 2007.  My wife I helped plant the church as lay leaders originally and served in volunteer roles in worship and ministries.I have loved serving the church and our community. My passion is leading God's people in worship through music as well as service. My goal as pastor is to help people grow in the understanding that worship is more than the songs we sing on Sundays. Our lives laid down for Jesus to honor him and serve those around us should be what motivates us in everything that we do at church, home, school and work. The journey has been amazing and the best is yet to come! I want to lead well now so that when we all meet in heaven, we are prepared to worship like never before!My family is my greatest treasure on earth! My beautiful wife Danielle and I have been married since 1998. We have 3 children Ian, Ally and Emma. They bring us so much joy daily and some frustration occasionally. I have a little known talent for cooking and baking. I enjoy running and cycling.  I can also walk and chew gum at the same time.  Pretty amazing I know.

    I am here to serve you. 

    Contact: michaelb@cccmooresville.com

  • Kathie Williams


    My name is Kathie Williams, and I have served here as the Administrator of Christ Community Church since June of 2007.  I have two wonderful sons, Joshua and Nathan.  My work at the church centers around minding the “business” of this body.  I’d like to think that I am an enabler in the most positive sense of the word, nurturing an environment which allows everyone to serve to the best of their abilities.  In 1990 I began my relationship with Christ and soon discovered a love of studying God’s word.  A year later I was serving regularly in children’s ministry.  I continued teaching kids of all ages until just a couple of years ago when I felt led to create a ladies’ community group.  I’ve learned relationships are everything, and I understand that there is one that must eclipse all the others.  So I’m striving to know Him more and love Him best.  Personally…I enjoy being around people who make me laugh, trying out new recipes, and seeing the look on someone’s face when I prove I can turn a mean cartwheel!

    Contact: kathiew@cccmooresville.com

  • Mack Hamm

    Assistant Youth Director / Media Lead

    My name is Mack Hamm, I have been in vocational ministry since August 2018, but I have been serving in the Church in various capacities since 2012. There are many reasons that get me out of the bed in the morning and ready to be a part of ministry of God. But what motivates me the most to be in ministry, is the idea that God wants to use me to love on people wherever I go, with whatever I'm doing, and no matter where others may be with their walk with him. A random fact about me is I work part time as an EMT in Gaston County! 

    Contact: mackh@cccmooresville.com.